List of Musical Works

Orchestra and Large Ensemble


In The Twilight Kingdom for string orchestra (1981). Premiered by Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra of Columbus, Ohio, Timothy Russell, cond. June, 1981.

Dreams of Time for chamber orchestra and computer-generated sounds (1986)

Doctoral dissertation work. Premiered by Timothy Russell and the Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, Columbus, Ohio. March, 1987.

Sorrow (After Van Gogh)* for orchestra (1988).

The Caged Bird of Paradise for orchestra with digital synthesizer (1990)
Commissioned and premiered by Joseph Firszt and the Lima Symphny Orchestra with a grant from the
Ohio Arts Council. January 27, 1990.

Arising for orchestra (1991) Commissioned by Ohio Northern University for the inauguration of the Freed Performing Arts Center. Premiered by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, April 22, 1991.
European premiere by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conducting
June 5, 2004.

Chamber Concerto for Guitar and Wind Ensemble (1992)
Premiered by Ohio Northern University Wind Ensemble with guitarist, Lynn Harting-Ware. OPCICA 5th Annual Honors Festival, 1992.

Chamber Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra (1993)
[Arrangement of Chamber Concerto for Guitar and Wind Ensemble ] Premiered by Gerhard Samuel and University of Cincinnati Contemporary Chamber Ensemble with guitarist, Lynn Harting-Ware. April 4, 1993.

Descending for wind ensemble (1993) Premiered at Ohio Northern University as part of Spring Band Festival, May 16, 1993.

Incidental Music from Faust, J.D. for orchestra (1994) Premiered by conductor, Joseph Firzst and the Lima Symphony Orchestra, Lima, OH, May 6, 1995.

Overture to Faust, J.D. for orchestra (1995). Premiered by conductor, Timothy Russell and the Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, Columbus, Ohio. Support from Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship. European premiere by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conducting.
June 5, 2004.

SOHO: Orpheus In The Underworld for solo classical guitar, orchestra and singing bowl (1998). Commissioned and premiered by conductor, William Boggs for the Welsh Hills Symphony Orchestra. European premiere by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conducting.
June 5, 2004.

Hauntings for orchestra (2002). European premiere by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conducting
June 5, 2004.

Meditation for orchestra (2004). European premiere by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conducting
June 5, 2004.

Sky for orchestra (2007). Commissioned by Minnesota Sinfonia, Jay Fishman, cond. Premiered March, 2007.

Electroacoustic Music and Mixed Media Works


Helius Arising for Bb soprano saxophone and electronic sounds (1980)

Crossing The Bardo for electronic sounds (1982)

Music for Pardot Kynes (1982)
Commissioned and choreographed by Tracey Blustein.

Music for “Who’s There?” (1983)
Commissioned and choreographed by Anne Sexton.

From Darkness for double-bass and computer-geneated sounds (1987)
Commissioned by bassist Paul Robinson.

Crystal Drone for trombone and computer-generated sounds (1987)
Commissioned by trombonist John Climer.

Music from Faust, J.D. Pre-recorded and electronic sounds (1997)


Ensemble, Instrumental and Vocal Works


Pastoral Dance* for flute and guitar (1978)

Dance* for violin and piano (1979)

Drone for guitar and percussion (1982)

Three Miniatures for Unaccompanied Violin* (1982)

This Morning Early for soprano and octet. (A setting of poetry by Stephen Ledbetter) (1982)

Four Songs for baritone and piano. (Settings of poetry by Joyce and Yeats) (1979 – 83)

Song From The Silent Mind for unaccompanied flute (1983)

Lament for solo trumpet, trombone obbligato, trombone choir, piano and percussion (1983)

The Street-Man for soprano and piano. (Text by the composer). (1983)

Departure for chamber ensemble, (1987)

Three Songs Composed for Debra Lensson’s Fall, 1987 faculty recital at Ohio Northern.

Music for Sarah for chamber ensemble (1987)

In This Garden for SATB choir and piano. Composed for O.N.U. University Singers

Move On for soprano and piano (1989)

Prelude and Postlude for trumpet and piano (1989)

Elegy for Flight #255 for trombone MIDI guitar and piano (1989)

In Memoriam for organ or piano (1989)
Commissioned by Ronald McCarty, O.N.U. Chapel organist, in October, 1988

Octet for chamber ensemble (1989)

Elegy for Flight #255 for trombone, MIDI guitar and piano (1989)

Krzycki for viola and piano (1990) Composed for Duo Contemporain of O.S.U.

A Touch of Grace for solo guitar and organ (1993)

Homage to Gismonti for double bass and piano (1994)

Elegy for Joan for large chamber ensemble (1994) Premiered at The Ohio State University by the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, May, 1994.

Suite for Prague for flute, alto saxophone and amplified classical guitar (2004)

Gestures In Silence for flute and guitar (2005)

Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano [Written for Richard Stoltzman] (2006)

Seize The Day for string quartet

Khabiri Quartet for string quartet

Classical Guitar


Dance* for solo guitar (1976)

Sonata* for solo guitar (1978)

Sonatina* for solo guitar (1979)

Theme and Transformation (1978)

Recitative and Aria for solo guitar (1979)

Varied Pieces for Guitar* for solo guitar (1979)

Elegy for guitar trio (1984)
Commissioned by the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory Guitar Ensemble, Clare Callahan, director.

Music for the Waiting Angel for solo guitar. (1984)
Commissioned and premiered by Christopher Becker, guitarist. Cincinnati College-Conservatory,
May, 1984.

Sonare for solo guitar (1988)
Commissioned, premiered and recorded by Lynn Harting-Ware, guitarist

A Gentle Encore* for solo guitar (1988)

Pavane and Drone* for solo guitar (1989)

Elegy for James for solo guitar (1990)

Preludes for solo guitar (1991)

Drone for solo guitar (1994) Commissioned by Lynn Harting-Ware

Tango and Drone for solo guitar (1995). Commissioned by Christopher Teves. Premiered at Bruno Walter Auditorium, Lincoln Center, 1998.




Twelve-tone Invention* (1978)

Nocturne* (1978)

Fugue* (1978)

Prelude (1983)

Music for S-C-S (1983)

Reflections Upon El Noy de la Mare (1990)
Premiered at Ohio Northern University.


Miscellaneous Other Works


Festival Music for carillon (1988)

And The River Dies (1988) Collaboration with Dr. Eric Nelson for Audubon Society videotape.

Music from Faust, J.D. (a multimedia work-in-progress) (1997) Excerpt premiered at 1997
Downtown Arts Festival, SoHo, NYC, September, 1997 in collaboration with Elinor Coleman Dance Ensemble/Danse Mirage

SKY 2 for carillon (2012) premiered as part of Finding Time Columbus, Ohio Bicentennial celebration

Note: Asterisk denotes work that has never been premiered.